Your gaming life in one software

As a gamer, we have multiple software to share our gaming profile, our gaming experiences, and join gaming tournaments ands it's quite annoying.
Now, Gamubs is here !

No Credit Card Required

Amazing Features

One gaming software to rule them all.

Team Management

With Gamubs, you can manage your teams and display all informations (Discord server, partnership, etc.)

Tournament System

With some tournament organizer, we developed a software to create the best tournament linked with Discord ! (WIP)

Gaming Career

Now all your experiences, tournament results and your gaming life will be on the same place !


Pricing Table

Gamubs was created by Gamers for Gamers !
So we want to create a software that is accessible for everyone and all type of gamers.



Per Month

Gaming Profile
Team Management
Publish Gaming Jobs
Secure by Discord


per month

All Free Features
Twitch Integration
Custom background
Work on Gamubs features
Some other features

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